Ultrasonic technique

Ultrasonic cleaning is an extremely effective cleaning technique. In an ultrasonic bath the cleaning effect results from sound waves (that are imperceptible to the human ear) being sent through the water containing the cleaning fluid. Buigstaal Tube Bending has a 1,500-litre ultrasonic bath in which we can clean your products.

What are the benefits of ultrasonic cleaning?

Cleaning products ultrasonically has a number of benefits compared with manual cleaning. The main ones are as follows:

Fluid gets into every corner and every hole

The currents in the ultrasonic fluid are so strong that the fluid gets to places that would be impossible to reach with manual cleaning. As a fluid is used for ultrasonic cleaning, it is possible to access the smallest openings in the product you are cleaning. The strength of the implosions in the fluid results in cleaning that is extremely thorough and precise.

Products are never damaged

If used correctly, ultrasonic cleaning also guarantees that your product cannot be damaged, as only a fluid is used to clean it. This is unlike manual cleaning, which always involves the use of robust materials that can scratch or cause minor damage to a product.

High speed

Another benefit of ultrasonic cleaning is the speed with which complex products incorporating numerous angles and edges can be cleaned. Cleaning every angle and hole manually is an extremely time-consuming process. As, during ultrasonic cleaning, the shape of a product does not affect how long the cleaning process takes, a great deal of time can be saved.

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