Thermal insulation

At a time when environmental awareness is growing and there is a need to reduce ever-rising energy costs, thermal insulation is an excellent way to achieve energy-saving and sound-insulating products and/or processes. Buigstaal Tube Bending has the experience and technical expertise needed to carry out comprehensive and complex insulation work quickly and cost-effectively, either to deliver a complete finished product or as an independent processing technique.


The potential applications of thermal insulation include engines and engine components, exhaust systems and industrial pipes and machines. Our company has specialised in so-called high-temperature insulation, which means the possibilities also include heat shields, exhaust insulation and the complete insulation of non-tubular components, both for prototypes and serially manufactured products. Insulating pipes also delivers the following benefits:

  • Temperatures are reduced in the engine compartment;
  • Employees and operators are protected against potential burns;
  • Exhaust system efficiency is increased thanks to higher exhaust temperatures;
  • Pipes, wires and coils are protected against heat generated by engines and exhaust systems;
  • Risk of fire resulting from hydraulic fluids coming into contact with hot surfaces is reduced.

Quality and stability

Buigstaal Tube Bending uses insulation material with exceptional thermal stability that maintains its soft fibre structure up to the maximum permitted temperature. It retains its mechanical properties during use and does not release any odours or vapours when used for the first time. Our stainless steel foil is ideally suited to applications in highly demanding environments, such as those with high levels of contamination, corrosive vapours or fluids.

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