• Tube bending and more


Buigstaal Tube Bending specialises in the (cold) bending of pipes and tubes of any diameter, from the small to the very large, serving customers in Europe and further afield. It can also transform any ferrous and non-ferrous material into the form required by the customer using techniques such as reshaping and machining, as well as taking care of surface treatments, thermal insulation and specialist MIG-TIG welding.

Tube bending and more

For over 80 years Buigstaal Tube Bending has been a leading specialist in the (cold) bending and processing of pipes and tubes to create products in any conceivable form, serving customers in the Netherlands and across Europe.

Our activities also include machining, welding and reshaping, as well as the manufacture and assembly of tube components.

Our specialisms

  • bending;
  • reshaping;
  • machining;
  • specialist MIG-TIG welding;
  • surface treatments;
  • ultrasonic technique;
  • thermal insulation.